Sherry’s Homeless to Famous Quest

Inspiration for this blog was taken from the rules in this amazing challenge. I did make a few changes, which have been highlighted to the creator @SimDiva.

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Let me introduce you to Sherry Witt. Her gran, Emma joined household shortly afterwards. (note Emma only around for story purposes/bills & not manually controlled at any point)

Sherry lost both her parents back in August, becoming homeless with her elderly caregiver. So Sherry applied for an apartment that was for rent in Evergreen Harbor to begin her quest being famous.

Finding the local community space in the area, Sherry spent most her first days there. Digging in dumpsters, practicing on her guitar (a present given from her parents) gaining tips, napping on couch & using bathroom/mini fridge facilities. Sherry soon was able to start paying the rent & slowly furnish their apartment.

As soon as the ‘five’ attempts – finding all the necessary furniture – had been completed, all Sherry was missing was a toilet. It took 65+ shots crawling to the bottom of the dumpsters to find it.

On a sadder note; Emma dies shortly afterwards from poor conditions & old age.

It was soon Sherry’s birthday, aging to Y/A gaining additional traits from her teenage years. Stepping into the spotlight & signing up to an agency, Sherry’s quest has finally began.

Tina invites her to visit their house, only to find it was on fire. Everyone is that distort that they forget to call for help. Sherry quickly pulls out her phone & calls the emergency services before the whole house burns to the ground. Once all under control, Sherry gets to meet the rest of Tina’s family.

Sherry then auditions for her first gig ‘Making Music’ & immediately gets hired. It went well, making another friends in the process. Returning home, Sherry starts working on writing a song, when her friends appear at the door. The apartment still looking very drab, Sherry decides not to let them in feeling a little embarrassed.

More gigs in the coming weeks gained more fame becoming a rising star. Although Sherry’s fame is progressing Tina makes sure she not forgotten, by turning up at Sherry’s house everyday to say hello. Then out of the blue, one of Sherry’s songs getting nominated for an award.

Attending the Starlight Accolate Award Ceremony, the first category is ‘Best Song’. Sherry had won !!!, accepting her award shortly afterwards. Thorne was also among the worthy winners, so Sherry stuck around to say hello.

Modern development in the area, updated the exterior of the apartments. Due to technical glitches within the game, the layout of the floorplan meant the front door was no-more. Suddenly Sherry found herself locked out the apartment. Time to make drastic changes & move next door.

In the process some items were accidently deleted, so Sherry went to the community space to fabricate another desk & couch. Now the apartment is starting to take shape once again, Sherry doesn’t pay the rent. Low & behold the collection reaper was soon to appear, to collect on the overdue rent by taking the spare guitar & fridge.

More gigs & fame aided more promotions & reputation. Although Sherry hates acting, it has not stopped her from going up in the world & spending more time in celebrity area of Del Sol Valley.

Mayor Whiskers appeared with his stray crowd, while spending time with Rahul at the cafe in del-sol-valley. I literally don’t get many opportunities to socialize with MW in my games, so it was inevitable that Sherry just had to make friends.

Rest of her love day was spent alone on the rooftop at the restaurant, returning home with food positioning. Will Sherry be ok ? Will she finally become a Global superstar ? Will she find a partner & have kids ? Soo many questions & not enough answers.

Stay tuned hopefully over the festive season to find out.

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Del-sol-valley remodels were also taken from the gallery & replaced in the Starlight Boulevard area which you may recognize, please show some love for these amazing creators.
Ward Park Cafe by @Tylia_x
Orchid A GoGo Renovation by @AmarisGrove
Celebrity Day Spa & Salon by @Simply-Nisey
Del Sol Valley Restaurant by @MissLayStardust
Studio PBP (Fixed) by @Whyeverr