Covid19 Challenge

Meet Ray Lofton (created using story mode) who found a house in Newcrest that he loved.   After settling in, the government advised everyone to say indoors as a national crisis was in effect.   

My house layout was created using my childhood home, only changes is the style, appliances/furniture all correct. Our family basically scraped through which meant nothing matched hence the different weird styles.   The creepy crawlies trait was added as it was never clean.   This trait made this challenge a little harder to complete as frequently visited by plasma bats, bees, and spiders.

Let’s do this!!!  

Sunday (Day 1) – Immediately became tense due to active trait, combatted by having a shower & little exercise (push-ups/sit-ups).   It was the start of spring.  Ray bought a smart device for radio purposes.

Monday (Day 2) – Got attacked by a bee flying in the window. Ray had lots of books in storage that he had never read, so dug out his collection.   Spent most of day reading a fitness book & dancing to radio.   Nearly bought a basketball hoop for playing indoors, based on a whim, but decided he couldn’t afford it and it wasn’t really a necessity.  

Tuesday (Day 3) – Created a social media page as currently no friends, hoping to find others with same interests.   More reading & exercise.   Lost count how push-ups etc (by this point) as constantly having to satisfy being active.  Not being able to go out-doors for a run/gym.   Still in good spirits as fun was never an issue due to having nerd brain as an aspiration.

Wednesday (Day 4) – Marcus seen his post and invited him to join the Powerhouse group which currently had three member including Marcus. Ray said yes, Marcus decided to have chat on the phone.    

Thursday (Day 5) – Woke up with a sore back. Its was laundry day, found $14 in pockets. Got attached by spiders, so it deep clean day too.   Still good, although starting to run out of things to do.    Continue reading more books, possibly learning how to play guitar.

Friday (Day 6) – It was Love Day, Ray became both frumpy & playful.  While on the phone talking to Palo, Ray laughed of a comment Palo made about going to the park.    

Saturday (Day 7) – Sad because of Love Day yesterday, so decided to make a chocolate cake to cheer up.   Sometimes I wonder if he was meant to be a woman, so many emotions he has went through so far.   Radio decided to break today, so decided to buy another.  

Sunday (Day 8) – Start of Summer, cooked breakfast feeling confident.    Continued reading more books.

Monday (Day 9) – Rebate day, was tempted to buy guitar after reading books but decided he couldn’t afford it.   His Bills arrived in the post $238.   Went searching for cash around house and found $8.  

Tuesday (Day 10) – Heatwave outside, wishing we he was out enjoying the day.   Ate rest of chocolate cake for breakfast.   Paid the bills and starting dancing to the radio thinking of the guitar he nearly bought yesterday.    Decided that once he went back to work, that was going to be his first investment.

Wednesday (Day 11) – Became lonely, decided to check social media most of the day.   Ray seen that the lottery was about to take place later and decided to buy a ticket.   Later in the day spiders came back, with one managing to bite him.    Time to do a little spring clean, me thinks.

Thursday (Day 12) – Ray became poisoned by the spider bite not feeling great.   Spent all day in bed or on couch sleeping it off.   Tried taking some medicine hoping to pacify him until able to get the antidote.

Friday (Day 13) – Still feeling dazed from being poisoned, realising that the medicine was not helping.   Spent another day in bed which wasn’t comfortable due to the heatwave again.   Kept waking up as too hot, decided to post on social media timeline how he was feeling to say if anyone had any ideas what to do.

Saturday (Day 14) – Still not well having to repair the broken toilet, Ray was beginning to desperately want visit the locals in the jungle.   He was getting worse by the minute & couldn’t take much more.    Finally it all came to an end, just hours before the lockdown was over.   

Please remember this has no resemblance IRL, and we will all get through this together.   Stay home, Stay Safe and please comment if this post has affected you in anyway.   You have all been amazing so far, please keep it up.