Love Island Jul’20 – Day One

  • Everyone entered the house Friday 5:25am – no coupling for a day to allow everyone to talk to each other
  • Kayleigh first to start cooking while everyone else gathered in a group conversion
  • Tabatha feeling flirty started talking to Briella
  • Lorenzo started a conversion with Keighley, while Briella & Tabatha attempted to split them up joining the conversion also
  • Bryan all alone in corner toasting mash-mallows on the firepit
  • Girl’s were first to pick couples
  • First Pick – Tabatha who chose Bryan
  • Second – Briella who chose Lorenzo
  • Lastly – Kayleigh who wanted to pick Bryan, but was stuck with Michael instead

Left the game to continue playing till around 7pm (sim time) when I created a party. During the party two more contestants were entered & automatically coupled together. Meet townie Ulrike and my sim Raymond, who reminds me of a famous celeb presenter.

  • Ulrike Faust – Creative, Perfectionist, Art-Lover with lifetime aspiration ‘Chief of Mischief’
  • Raymond Maxwell – Romantic, Art-Lover, Bro with lifetime aspiration ‘Serial Romantic’

Briella made contact with Raymond during the party while all other sims went to bed. The first poll is which of the four couples we send on a date for Day 2.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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