G1 – Mint (Prt 03) #Not So Berry

So, hopefully the conclusion of last part resulted in the same decision I had already made within gameplay, that the celebrations of News Years won heads down over festival.


As you may have guessed, Mint travelled to the bar, phoning Everitt on the way. He was delighted for the invite & would see her soon. Mint headed for the ladies to freshen up waiting for the countdown. It just so happened to be singles night at the bar, so the place was very popular that night.

Everett showed up, so Mint decided to go and greet him. It was impossible to find a quite spot together with bystanders joining into each conversation. When they finally got a moment together, Mint decided to make her move increasing their romance bar a little. Everitt was having none of it that night, so plans were not going at all perfect. Guess Everett had decided that we’ll just be friends & nothing more.

Mint gathered at the TV anyway for the countdown. Winterfest was already spoiled, so she was not going to let ‘New Year’ be the same. Jules was across the room spotting how lonely she was, so decided to come & cheer her up. Mint & Jules had a great conversion together which quickly escalated. Could she find love after all, to start the New Year with?

It maybe too much of a presumption at this stage, but Mint decided to invite Jules to stay the night. He very quickly said yes, so the two of them headed back to Mint’s residence having some more drinks together. We all know where a spur of the moment night, can lead.

Yes, your correct. There was a lot of passion that night. Mint & Jules have now become boyfriend & girlfriend.

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