G2 – Rose (Prt 10) #Not So Berry

Yellow continued upgrading appliances in the house in her spare time, completing at least one bathroom.

Kyra was getting a little impatient waiting for Rosendo to make the next move, so she asked him to go out to the park in Windenburg. Why had she chosen this park in particular? Had she secretly planned it all along? Rosendo decided to take a look around & was starting to become a little nervous.
Yeah, you guessed it …. Kyra was going to make her move, knowing that Rosendo is a player with the ladies. She wanted to trap him, hoping to convert his streak of popularity when out around town. In Kyra’s mind, Rosendo was her’s.

Of course this was far too soon for Rosendo, deciding to stop it all as fast as he could. Luckily Kyra never invited any guests so the embarrassment of getting rejected was limited. Rosendo wasn’t keen on being forced into marriage, hoping that the engagement would have lasted longer for him to decide whether it was for him or not.

Several days later, despite all the efforts of Yellow upgrading, the household was still going to incur a daily fine. Yellow decided that this must stop immediately & start upgrading a few more appliances.

It was also her birthday. Blowing out her candles, she realized that Mint spirit was fading away. Surely not, had she started to forget about Mint already. She signed up to become an Astronaut with dreams of still getting to Sixam, in Mint’s memory.

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