G5 – Plum (Prt 5) #Not So Berry

Plum walks out of her exams on the first Friday at school.
After studying all week, I guess she aced exam quicker than other kids. Nah, its just a common glitch. Why game? Why Plum? I started to let the game continue, hoping studying will carry her through, but somehow Olivia does better in her exams without studying or being at school longer than a day or two.

Oh well, while Plum heads to work – Olivia celebrates at the pier strolling home around 2:30am.

Plum couldn’t sleep for worrying about passing her exams, so she decides to attempt read another book. After reading a couple of pages she realized she couldn’t concentrate. Putting the book down, Plum attempts to head back to bed.

Her dad Grey, finds her lying on the couch in the morning asking what happened. Plum fills him in about school & how stressed / worried she was.
Listening to Plum, he then decides to spend the day at the slopes in Mt. Komorebi to help her forget about it all about it so he calls work for a vacation day. They both have a great day together, post Grey checking the conditions on the hill.

Julie gets a phone call, being invited to meet a new toddler that Yamato adopted. She accepts heading to their house saying ‘Hi’ to Haylee. During this conversation, a notification crops up …

It’s time for Plum & Olivia to attend prom. Will this help or not ?
I accepted & they both appear at the school.
Plum still worried about exam results, she takes herself to a quite corner while Olivia is right amongst everyone. Getting to know the dancers on the dance floor, Olivia develops a crush on Tamika.

Once the Prom Jester & Royalty is announced, Olivia finds out that Tamika had won. Should she explore & get to know Tamika or pass ? While figuring it out, Olivia get invited to party afterwards. Let’s go …

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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