G5 – Plum (Prt 14) #Not So Berry

Plum concentrates on skill building heading to the slopes, forgetting about Eloise. However, for some reason Plum cannot erase Eloise from memory making the trip to Mt. Komerabi unsucessful.

Updates with the latest pack Growing Together & infants were on the horizon at this point.

To prepare, I tend to speed run Plum Gen without taking many screenshots. In this time the toddlers age up to kids & Ami gets the fear of death.

Having dinner together Plum asks everyone what they should do. Replies given – it’s up to you, we’ll still love you the same no matter what, so if Eloise makes you happy then go for it.

Well what happens a few in-game days later surprised me …

Oh no, Ami joins Grey in the afterlife. Is it too soon to pack up & leave ? I almost feel bad about leaving Oliva & Felix behind but need new surroundings & gameplay to enjoy playing. I take the plunge regardless moving into a lot from the gallery.

This was now Plum’s third location, heading to the desert in Oasis Springs. Throughout neighbourhood stories Eloise had a already adopted a dog. (what family would be complete with out one) Also, I had almost forgot about Abel who is now a toddler which Orange started resenting the fact that he had to share a room once again.

Plum gets a call from Julie which reminded me – Had Orange met Julie yet ? Relationship panel shows nothing so I guess not. Maybe she had moved out before he was born. Well it’s time to fix that, Orange visits his aunt in the city & immediately hits it off becoming jokesters (family dynamnic) together. She also adopted a dog, Peanut Butter (I know, never picked the name myself so thought this was hilarious). Orange spent time getting to know both of them.

While Orange & Julie were getting acquainted, Plum starts a burnout phase. She starts dancing to relax. Mordaciously this helped as she still gained a promotion after next shift. I’ll keep checking if remains in this burnout for long, but loving the pack so far. I’ve barely started & already the drama has made this blog longer.

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