Part Nine

Everyone had a hard time getting over the loss of Anneka since she continued to frequently to visit the household with her spirit.   She never broke or tampered with anything. Instead she cleaned the shower, watched TV, played on the computer as though she never left.

Cayden had to escape the house on many occasions as he didn’t want the constant reminder of Anneka.   He started visiting the teen hangouts on a regular basis and started talking with one of Courtney’s old friends Billie Jang.   Cayden asked Billie to join him playing chess, so he could get to know more.   They found out that they had many things in common, like same traits and like to do the same things.   Their friendship started to become a more romantic, so Cayden decided he was going to the plunge and ask her on date.  billie and cayden date & girlfriend 1

They went out the romantic lounge in town finding a nice quite spot to have their first kiss.   Shortly afterwards Cayden asked if she would like to be his girlfriend.   He knew this was a little soon, so he had his fingers crossed while she delivered her answer.   She said yes, so they continued to party for the remainder of the date.

Cayden was in high spirits and nothing could spoil this perfect night.   He kissed Billie goodnight after walking her home and then strolled along the walkways on his journey home pondering over the night’s events.

He returned home late at night, to find out that his mum had been taken into hospital and wouldn’t make it through the night.


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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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