Part Ten – Final

Cayden got himself freshened up and headed to the hospital.   He just managed to say his final goodbye’s before Emilie passed away.

death of emilie

To help with the grieving process all over again, Cayden adopts a kitten called Cosmo.   He now has a huge amount of responsibility on his shoulders, becoming Heir of the household at only eighteen.

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Part Nine

Everyone had a hard time getting over the loss of Anneka since she continued to frequently to visit the household with her spirit.   She never broke or tampered with anything. Instead she cleaned the shower, watched TV, played on the computer as though she never left.

Cayden had to escape the house on many occasions as he didn’t want the constant reminder of Anneka.   He started visiting the teen hangouts on a regular basis and started talking with one of Courtney’s old friends Billie Jang.   Cayden asked Billie to join him playing chess, so he could get to know more.   They found out that they had many things in common, like same traits and like to do the same things.   Their friendship started to become a more romantic, so Cayden decided he was going to the plunge and ask her on date.  billie and cayden date & girlfriend 1

They went out the romantic lounge in town finding a nice quite spot to have their first kiss.   Shortly afterwards Cayden asked if she would like to be his girlfriend.   He knew this was a little soon, so he had his fingers crossed while she delivered her answer.   She said yes, so they continued to party for the remainder of the date.

Cayden was in high spirits and nothing could spoil this perfect night.   He kissed Billie goodnight after walking her home and then strolled along the walkways on his journey home pondering over the night’s events.

He returned home late at night, to find out that his mum had been taken into hospital and wouldn’t make it through the night.


Part Eight

Anneka started missing the great family dinners that they used to have, so she decided she would try and cook something special for everyone.   What she didn’t know was that the cooker was due to have its routine yearly check.  A fire broke out and spread very quickly around the house, as soon as the rest of the family returned home they tried to help control the blaze.   Unfortunately, they were too late. Anneka had passed away on the kitchen floor and the whole house was damaged.   They managed to salvage some processions but had to rebuild the entire family home.

Bonnie did her best to entertain the kids and help them with the grieving process.   She took them to the park, read stories and tried to answer as many questions as she can while Emilie and J took care of the financial and rebuilding responsibilities.

last pic

Part Seven

It was almost time for Courtney’s birthday, so J had bought her waterslide for the back garden to have a Birthday party and invite some school friend’s round.   She invited Alexander Goth, Jeddiah Harmon, Bentley Baumann and Billie Jang.   Her sister Bonnie also joined the party supervising the kids while Emilie prepared food and drinks.

Bonnie decided to tell some embarrassing stories to Courtney’s friends about when she decided to streak around the house and garden.

streaking days

‘Stop Bonnie, my friends will end up teasing me or start to hate me’ said Courtney.   ‘Don’t be silly, we are just having fun. Everyone is still here and having a great time so forget about it and enjoy yourself’ replied Bonnie.

courtney birthday party 1

After the party Courtney was still unsure about Bonnie’s little story telling that she was nervous about going back to school.   She hardly slept for thinking about it and could have murdered Bonnie there and then.   She went to school but no-one mentioned anything about it which was fantastic so she was able pass her test with all her concentration.   Maybe Bonnie has managed to help her become a better friend.

Part Six

Cayden was born at 11:10am on a Wednesday morning, from having woohoo after their engagement.   J was delighted to finally have a little boy to bond with.   Cayden is now rightful heir for the next generation, so both Emilie and J made sure he was raised responsibly to carry on the family history.

Anneka had stressful day at school and decided to check out the new teen hangout in Oasis Springs.   She took school friend Kristine with her and had great fun. With all the extra kids at home this was a brilliant place to relax and meet new friends.


Not much happened around this time apart from several school projects were brought home with the whole family participating apart from Anneka who was always at the Hangout after school.  Sometime later Cayden turned into a toddler around the same time Bonnie and Courtney were aging up to Teen and Child.

Cayden decided to run outside and meet his dad coming home from work.   He didn’t look happy, so he wondered what had happened at work, and decided to stay away from him the rest of night.

meeting dad from work

Part Five

The family headed to the hospital to meet Courtney.   J thought to himself ‘not another girl’.   He was starting to feel overwhelmed being the only male with all these females.   He started going to gym more often than usual meeting Mitchell (one of his old roommates).

coutrney birth

So far Dr Masato had delivered Anneka & Bonnie and has become a good friend of the family.  He has visited the house on a few occasions to see the kids growing up.   Courtney was delivered by Medical intern Nobuya Ishikawa.

Since the household has now a baby and toddler, Anneka has been the sweetest kid ever constantly tidying and washing dishes for her parents.

Romance festival game to town, Emilie and J decided to go and spend some time together away from kids and stresses at home.   J proposed and the had a wee romantic kiss as Emilie said ‘Yes’ on her birthday.

A couple of days later Anneka left for High School upset as no-one acknowledged her birthday.   What she didn’t realize that her parents had been secretly converting the loft upstairs to a bedroom all for her.   She returned home, and Emilie had asked her to get something from the loft and bring it down.   She was delighted to see all stuff in her new bedroom and ran downstairs immediately and gave Emilie a huge cuddle.   Emilie replied, ‘Happy Birthday, you thought we had forgotten, didn’t you?’. Anneka said ‘Yes and thank you for the best birthday ever’.

engagement & new room for anneka

Part Four

Bonnie has now become a toddler and started sharing a room with Anneka.  They never argued or broke any of each other’s toys, so they ended up with a strong sisterly bond with each other.   Anneka taught bonnie a few things and became a good big sister.

anneka and bonnie

Emilie announced that she about to give birth again, this time not knowing she was pregnant.  J wanted to celebrate, as he also got another promotion at work to a Project Manager.   They headed off to their favourite picnic spot at the back of Willow creek.   Emilie knew she had some hamburgers spare, so she started cooking them on the barbecue.   Everyone had a great evening and couldn’t wait to meet their new brother/sister/son or daughter.

picnic time

Family time around the dinner table was a regular theme, as they all enjoyed this quality time together.   A huge step forward to the newly ‘never around’ parents when Anneka was born.  J made a wish before blowing out his candles, hoping for a little boy to play footie with.

family dinners & j birthday


Part Three

Things were progressing with Anneka’s relationship with parents, visiting parks and meeting some nursery friends. One morning Emilie started feeling unwell and by lunchtime all was fine.  She ignored the signs and carried on with the rest of the day.   The next morning same thing happened, she knew deep down that she couldn’t ignore it so decided to take the test.   A positive result, a new member to the household.

During the pregnancy, Anneka aged up to a young child making new friends at school.   She liked school as was always keen to do her homework with either her Mum or Dad. Emilie was unsure how Anneka would react when the new baby arrived, so she allowed her to bring a friend home from school.   Although she didn’t realize that her chosen friend was a boy, Gary.   They seemed to really like each other so Emilie and J invited him to stay for Dinner.     Gary was liked by everyone, so he continued to visit at the weekends.

One day after school Fatima was at home to great Anneka.   This is was strange as she only helped as Nanny occasionally by this point.   Anneka asked why her parents weren’t home and she replied the new baby is arriving. ‘Your Dad is at work and Mum is at the hospital’ Fatima continued ‘I am babysitting until Mum arrives home.’

birth of Bonnie

Bonnie was introduced to the family when Emilie got home and very quickly the midnight feeds and screaming became all too familiar.   Anneka didn’t seem to mind that Bonnie had now become centre of attention.  She constantly phoned and chatted to Gary, who by now was her best friend.   They consoled in each other when they needed a little assurance about school and home life.

It was long when Anneka came rushing home from school, with a good report card and certificate from teacher saying she was the top of the class.   She was delighted, so Emilie and J decided to celebrate and take her for dinner at her favourite restaurant.

Part Two

Dr Masato Okada, a medical intern at I Fell Down Wellness Centre, was very supportive through Emilie’s labour and delivered a beautiful baby Girl.   J and Emilie had names already picked for either Gender, so it didn’t take long to register birth.   Baby Anneka has now joined the household.

anneka hospital photos

Emilie took Anneka home as quickly as she could from hospital.   This is when J became a perfect father offering to take some of the night feeds allowing Emilie to sleep longer.

Several weeks past and Emilie went back to work. It wasn’t long before they realized that their shifts overlapped each other.   Time for hiring a nanny.   They didn’t have time to start an any interviews, so they asked the agency to send their most experienced worker. The next day Fatima Choukri, appeared at the door and quickly introduced herself.   Anneka seemed to like her, so the position filled very quickly.

Emilie and J were soon progressing in their careers which meant they were never around to play with Anneka as she was already sleeping buy the time they got home.   The morning routine of tiding, preparing lunches etc meant that Anneka was becoming close friends with Fatima as she was the only person giving her all the attention.

fatima and anneka

Fatima realised that this could start being a problem, so she arranged a meeting with both Emilie and J to highlight that Anneka needs to know/see the fun side of them both before she starts growing up hating them.   Emilie took a few days off and asked Fatima to come back in a couple of days as she wanted to spend time with Anneka and hopefully create a different fun relationship with her.   A month later J decided the same.

flash cards with anneka

Part One

We pick up this story from Emilie Dixon – Homeless Challenges – where both J and Emilie decide to move to a new Neighbourhood in ‘Willow Creek’. J had managed to get a mortgage for bigger plot of land to raise their unborn child.  They started hiring builders to build their new home, occurring lots of problems and taking weeks to complete.  In the meantime Emilie had stored all her stuff in J’s garage and spent many nights at his house.

Once Emilie had settled again, she asked J to move in which was risky as he is afraid of commitment.     Emilie was delighted when he said yes and asked why the sudden change in personality.   J said he was excited that his kid would enter the world soon and couldn’t wait.

settled in, waiting to pop

A few days later they were both decorating the nursery, when Emilie started labour pains.   Time to head to the hospital and get booked in.     The labour lasted for hours, making them anxious to find out if it was a boy or girl.