7d – Sneezy – Part One

While switching generations the family decide to move into the Britchester area to support Silva’s scholarship.    They find a nice starter home (origin id: YPHarmy) which needed some small renovation.   So, they decide to start painting using their own designs, bringing all appliances/memories etc from the flat in the city.

Sneezy also notices the local adoption centre is looking a few animals to be rehomed.    She decides to go, having a look who has been brought in.    She falls in love with a little kitten ‘Butter’ and immediately decides that she would like to add to the family.    Of course, when she brought Butter home, Doc was unimpressed as she never asked him first.  Doc knew there was a lot going on with the move and settling in, without having a cat to look after too.    Sneezy promised she would do everything from clearing litter tray, feeding / playing with Butter.  Doc never had to worry.   Butter was now a member of the Snow-White family.

The teenagers had another project each to complete, so they decided to work together in their new bigger room.    This house was much bigger the little flat they had previously.

For more information about the creation/rules of the challenge, please click the link below and follow @phdsimmer on Twitter & YouTube. 


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