7d – Sneezy – Silvia’s Conclusion

Silvia took Sneezy death hard.   Everything in the house reminded her of Sneezy with her parents not being supportive as they were also grieving.   Deciding as the twin’s birthday was soon, that she will run away to Britechester with the $150 savings that she had stuffed her bed.   She wanted to make sure she still graduated in Sneezy’s memory.

Silva Scholship awarded

Using the scholarship she had been awarded, she enrolled in a History degree hoping finally to be a judge.   Silvia paid for her digs, classes etc using a student loan, keeping her savings for getting by.   She aced first term making friends, trying to stay hidden from her parents.   Second term (also paid by loan), Rocky started showing some interest in her.   This made it slightly difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, failing her elective class.  Oh also forgot to mention, during her time at university she took a part-time job to survive making her house funds build up nicely.  Silvia used the canteen on a few occasions & ate food cooked from her fellow students, instead of forking out her own money.   By third term she was able to afford her classes, digs etc as scholarship was starting to give good reductions due to her amazing grades.   Although she only committed to three classes this term wanting to see what happens with Rocky.   Rocky had left student housing during this term, so Silvia didn’t get to see him as much as second year.  He did however continue to call/text asking to meet.   Realising that she must knuckle down this semester to keep grades up, Silva declined a few of these invites.  Final term was a breeze, having only to complete the remaining two classes, graduating successfully.

She met up with Rocky in the club during the fourth & final term only to find him hitting on someone else.   She immediately went back to the digs to collect her thoughts, playing a little table tennis with classmates.   A few days later Silvia & Rocky met up again to discuss the situation at the club, where Rocky apologized.   What happened next came as complete surprise, Rocky asked her to be his girlfriend, celebrating with a little fun in the shower.   Who knows maybe these two will have history together after-all.


Hope you enjoyed the rather short let’s-play & story with Silvia’s happier ending.

7d – Sneezy – Part Four

Doc ends up getting a further raise from his boss, so the family decide to pack up for the summer heading to Campsite in the woods.

Sneezy takes this opportunity to venture deep in the woods, trying to collect some unusual plants for her studies.   She ends up getting lost in the middle of a thunderstorm not knowing where to take cover or how to survive.    Getting very scared, wishing back home with family, Sneezy ends up in trouble.

Since Sneezy had been away for several hours, Doc decides to go looking for her, only to find Grim had already visited.  The lightning had struck several times resulting in her demise. 

I was deeply upset by this point, which I believe you may be the same.    This ending was accidental since I was really enjoying this challenge.     It took me a while to continue with this story, but I have now constructed a final, happier ending to this challenge.     Please stick around as it will be posted within the following week.   

Until I decide to do this challenge again, feel free to attempt yourself, hoping you have better luck.

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7d – Sneezy – Part Three

Sneezy entered the manual labourer part-time career after deciding to sit on a skill class in the village.   She liked the idea of being able to grow plants and ensuring that the clinic does not require much maintenance from several handymen.   She wanted to spend as little money as possible earning a profit from clinic.   If she learned how to fix broken appliances, then this could be possible.

Little butter had birthday having a great relationship with Sneezy.  

Johanna attempted to fix the broken sink, toilet & fridge deciding to take inspiration from her daughter.   Johanna did not want Sneezy at this stage worrying about household chores as simply still a teenager.   Sneezy should be out enjoying life with parties etc by being a typical teenager.

Both Johanna & Doc decided to take part in the upcoming lottery, just for fun.   A few days later, checking their numbers which were no-where close, found out that Juliana won the jackpot.

One-night Johanna went for a little jog, trying to get away from the hassles of writing and running a family.    She was also trying to attempt to become a little fitter, without much success.   What she did not realise was, that you should build your body up in stages rather than jumping in full force.    She very quickly became fatigued, having to take a break before getting herself back home.  

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7d – Sneezy – Part Two

For some reason Sneezy entered the distant phase wanting to be all alone, away from family.  Unusual for a Twin to become distant, so decided to roll with it and see where it takes us.

Remember during the last part in Doc’s generation he completed the final stage of his career, which also mastered other commitments set out in @phdsimmer challenge below.   Now he only must complete the last stage of his lifetime aspiration where one of his kids/grandkids must reach the top of their career.     This should be completed through this generation which is the reason for switch to Sneezy.

During more shifts at the hospital, Doc earns another raise from his boss.   He should be able to support both kids from his wage alone, although Johanna still loves writing her books.    (This is the only glimpse I have of Butter as a kitten since forgot to take a pic, sorry everyone)

Silva went to the gym several days that week after school and managed to earn the last Scouting badge.   She gained the gold award at her meeting that weekend.     She was also trying to lose a little weight but realised that exercising was not for her.  

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7d – Sneezy – Part One

While switching generations the family decide to move into the Britchester area to support Silva’s scholarship.    They find a nice starter home (origin id: YPHarmy) which needed some small renovation.   So, they decide to start painting using their own designs, bringing all appliances/memories etc from the flat in the city.

Sneezy also notices the local adoption centre is looking a few animals to be rehomed.    She decides to go, having a look who has been brought in.    She falls in love with a little kitten ‘Butter’ and immediately decides that she would like to add to the family.    Of course, when she brought Butter home, Doc was unimpressed as she never asked him first.  Doc knew there was a lot going on with the move and settling in, without having a cat to look after too.    Sneezy promised she would do everything from clearing litter tray, feeding / playing with Butter.  Doc never had to worry.   Butter was now a member of the Snow-White family.

The teenagers had another project each to complete, so they decided to work together in their new bigger room.    This house was much bigger the little flat they had previously.

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