7d – Sneezy – Part Three

Sneezy entered the manual labourer part-time career after deciding to sit on a skill class in the village.   She liked the idea of being able to grow plants and ensuring that the clinic does not require much maintenance from several handymen.   She wanted to spend as little money as possible earning a profit from clinic.   If she learned how to fix broken appliances, then this could be possible.

Little butter had birthday having a great relationship with Sneezy.  

Johanna attempted to fix the broken sink, toilet & fridge deciding to take inspiration from her daughter.   Johanna did not want Sneezy at this stage worrying about household chores as simply still a teenager.   Sneezy should be out enjoying life with parties etc by being a typical teenager.

Both Johanna & Doc decided to take part in the upcoming lottery, just for fun.   A few days later, checking their numbers which were no-where close, found out that Juliana won the jackpot.

One-night Johanna went for a little jog, trying to get away from the hassles of writing and running a family.    She was also trying to attempt to become a little fitter, without much success.   What she did not realise was, that you should build your body up in stages rather than jumping in full force.    She very quickly became fatigued, having to take a break before getting herself back home.  

For more information about the creation/rules of the challenge, please click the link below and follow @phdsimmer on Twitter & YouTube.


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