7d – Sneezy – Silvia’s Conclusion

Silvia took Sneezy death hard.   Everything in the house reminded her of Sneezy with her parents not being supportive as they were also grieving.   Deciding as the twin’s birthday was soon, that she will run away to Britechester with the $150 savings that she had stuffed her bed.   She wanted to make sure she still graduated in Sneezy’s memory.

Silva Scholship awarded

Using the scholarship she had been awarded, she enrolled in a History degree hoping finally to be a judge.   Silvia paid for her digs, classes etc using a student loan, keeping her savings for getting by.   She aced first term making friends, trying to stay hidden from her parents.   Second term (also paid by loan), Rocky started showing some interest in her.   This made it slightly difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, failing her elective class.  Oh also forgot to mention, during her time at university she took a part-time job to survive making her house funds build up nicely.  Silvia used the canteen on a few occasions & ate food cooked from her fellow students, instead of forking out her own money.   By third term she was able to afford her classes, digs etc as scholarship was starting to give good reductions due to her amazing grades.   Although she only committed to three classes this term wanting to see what happens with Rocky.   Rocky had left student housing during this term, so Silvia didn’t get to see him as much as second year.  He did however continue to call/text asking to meet.   Realising that she must knuckle down this semester to keep grades up, Silva declined a few of these invites.  Final term was a breeze, having only to complete the remaining two classes, graduating successfully.

She met up with Rocky in the club during the fourth & final term only to find him hitting on someone else.   She immediately went back to the digs to collect her thoughts, playing a little table tennis with classmates.   A few days later Silvia & Rocky met up again to discuss the situation at the club, where Rocky apologized.   What happened next came as complete surprise, Rocky asked her to be his girlfriend, celebrating with a little fun in the shower.   Who knows maybe these two will have history together after-all.


Hope you enjoyed the rather short let’s-play & story with Silvia’s happier ending.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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