G1 – Mint (Prt 01) #Not So Berry

Mint Berry decided that she would like to be a scientist so applied for the job that was recently advertised. Her employer immediately accepted her for the role with her first day starting tomorrow which was very handy, as she had already used all monthly savings on buying her first house. Mint was down her last $imoleans, needing any kind of income available.

While waiting for her first day to start, a notification on the notice board appeared saying it was prank day. Mint immediately started to cause some mischief in the surrounding area, getting to know her fellow neighbours. It was a huge success, with the welcome wagon staying far away as possible. They didn’t know what to make of her.

It was Mint’s first day. Mint spent most of her time talking to the machines, learning how to use them & practicing some experiments. Her boss was extremely proud watching her every move. Another day like this and she could be looking at a promotion. Getting her first wage slip was little harrowing though, as she felt as though she was getting underpaid. Mint decided not to complain after-all she had the gaffa’s praises straight away.

Winterfest was fast approaching, all she could think, was how skint she would after paying the bills. No-one would be getting any presents from her this year.

Mint had received an invitation to join the garden gnomes. This would later become useful when gathering ingredients for serums etc so Mint accepted the invitation joining the group, then went to the local park to investigate for any collectables. Mint was on a mission to collect all the elements for displaying in the frame she was given as a house warming present.

After a few more days of work & inviting colleagues back to her humble home, Mint finally earned a promotion to Apprentice Inventor. Her bonus was received when winterfest had almost finished.

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