Silva’s Eco Rags-to-Riches Part Four

With the loan now paid off, Silva continued to do some extra work at home. It was time for a change what she wanted to achieve in life, so aspiration reflected the Eco Lifestyle.

Rocky invited her to go to Spice Festival so Silva decided why not since it’s been a while since they spent time together. Little Andrew was sent to day care after all, Silva had been up many nights with him & needed some rest-bite. Silva managed to collect some ingredients at the festival, for maybe growing a garden round the back of the house for recipes she was planning on learning. She ended up being ‘Plum’d off for No Reason’ (shown below).

It wasn’t long before the weekend when voting opened again for the next NAP. Silva decided to choose Eco-Friendly Appliances hoping to eventually become fully off-the-grid going back to scouting days with no electronics’ at all.

Her old chum (Bess) from Uni phoned looking to borrow some money for a new business venture, Silva decided to contribute although she was very skeptical about receiving repayment. Silva soon regretted her decision and went to a morning jog to clear her mind.

Hope you enjoyed this little mini series, as futures updates will no longer appear. Lost saved file so started a new couple new challenges instead.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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