G1 – Mint (Prt 06) #Not So Berry

Voting opened over weekend for the next Neighbourhood Action Plan (NAP). Fun Loving Community was in the lead, so both Jules & Mint contributed to the votes ensuring this outcome for Mint’s mischievous streak. They also bought a television for the bedroom during that weekend with Jules’ bonus from his recent promotion. It just so happened that it was also rebate day, so a very little extra payment came rolling in.

Mint had taken her family leave this time, as the next few days at work were starting to be little tiring since the pregnancy was nearing due date. While Jules went to work, Mint had a little afternoon nap. Rosendo was happily playing so all was fine, until the NAP inspector appeared. Rosendo went to greet him at the door, while continuing watch his videos.

Bess called Jules later that day asking to come and visit. Jules agreed letting her in the house. Mint woke up after her long afternoon nap, catching the two of them watching a movie together. Was she right ? Does Jules still have feelings for Jess ? Had this old relationship ended or was she still in denial ? Mint was starting to feel very insecure.

Heading back to bed, Rosendo woke up having a nightmare. Mint knew Jules was otherwise pre-occupied, so she attempted to settle Rosendo back to sleep. The stresses of seeing Jules & Bess together, along with parenting their child, had sent Mint into early Labor.

Once again she was heading to the hospital alone. No alien baby, guess she was already pregnant before abduction, ‘n’ its a girl!. Little Roselyn was born.

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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