G1 – Mint (Prt 07) #Not So Berry

Jules was delighted about the arrival of Baby Roselyn, despite the night before. Rosendo, on the other hand, got very angry. He was more than happy, having his room all to himself. Mint headed to work in good spirits, completing all tasks early. This gave her some time to catch up with colleagues and managing to continue reading her book.

Mint did such a good job, that she ended up getting a promotion (Technological Innovator). She chilled at home that night, before heading to bed. The thunderstorms outside were scaring Rosendo again, but he continued to watch videos on his tablet to forget about them so Mint to could have a chilled night. After-all she had just had another baby & working extremely hard at the lab.

The following day Jules headed out to make some Eco Friendly parts to upgrade the appliances in the kitchen, looking to reduce household bills. The inspector will be due to visit again, he thought. Mint started feeling insecure yet again, as he was taking longer then she expected. I mean ‘How long does it take to make three parts?’ Jules returned home, listening to Mint’s ranting ‘n’ raving, waiting to speak. Jules then got chance to explain. “There was only one Fabricator on site, with everyone wanting to use it at the same time”.

Next few days played out as normal, until Everett invited Mint out to a party. She hadn’t been out in such a long time, so she accepted his invitation buying drinks for the group.

The following day it was Roselyn birthday. When she woke up from the party last night, Roselyn was in the process of aging by herself. There were now two toddlers in the house.

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