G1 – Mint (Prt 09) #Not So Berry

Time for a little vacation since everyone was becoming exhausted from work, each requiring some down time. Mint tells the family she has booked a little holiday home in Selvadorada. Rosendo suddenly became unhappy about this, but as soon as they arrived, he had a great time meeting some new friends.

Just so everyone can see the featured image. Planning on using a different style for future updates.

Jess attempted to contact Jules during this vacation break, so he hid quietly in a corner to reply. Jules advised Jess to stay away & to stop texting, as he had found out about Mint plans with the doll. Jess took his advice and cooled off the relationship for several weeks.

Rosendo invited one of his new holiday friends round to watch a movie and hang out. He was beginning to really enjoy every minute with his new found friends. He also spent time at park with Juan Alexander becoming BFF’s later on.

Holiday home ‘Selvadorada Jungle Villa’ downloaded from the gallery (EA account @skyewithane)

Just before it was time to head back home, Jules set the kitchen stove on fire. Emergency services were called, as not our home, Mint not wanting to be charged extra. Shortly afterwards the family quickly departed heading home, hoping they would never be found out for destroying the holiday villa.

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