G1 – Mint (Prt 10) #Not So Berry

Everyone was in great spirts after their recent vacation, despite the little tiny hick-up. Rosendo had a great report from school, Everett called wanting to head out & Jules got promoted. He celebrated by having a night of passion with Mint while the kids took care of themselves in the morning that followed.

So it was time to spend a day with the kids, before they get neglected. Mint arranged to take them to the park as it was a nice day. She had a bite to eat with Rosendo and his newly enquired BFF, while Roselyn went to play in the ball pit. Roselyn started wandering off to investigate while watching another kid play the adventure frame, so Mint had to follow to make sure she was alright. Mint then showed her the cool feature pretending to be in space, after-all she had seen some stuff herself during her alien visit’s. Roselyn was delighted and had great fun.

Roselyn birthday was starting to become upon us, Mint was glad she had spent this day in the park with the kids. It was also during the time when the base game got updated with sentiments before the release of Snowy Escape. Roselyn blew out her candles aging to a kid & Rosendo very quickly gained a sentiment with Jules ‘adoring’. Not really sure what to make of the relationship.

Mint decided for Roselyn birthday, that they should head out to dinner. During the evening, one of the waiter’s decided to met the grim reaper. This changed the whole atmosphere of original celebration but Mint was glad she still took the family out.

DC Monalds by Deligracy downloaded from the library

The following week came Winterfest along with some important updates.

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