G2 – Rose (Prt 1) #Not So Berry

A new beginning comes with a brand new house. Mint & Rosendo gathered all their belongings moving to a new area (Olde Platz) within Windenburg.

Evidently it just so happened to be Love Day when Rosendo became a teen. He meet a few of the neighbours teens who had raved about the local university. Rosendo decided he also wanted to pursue further education due to his upbringing clashes in the last Generation, so he started to research the available scholarships on the computer. After-all they had just spent most of the savings moving house, so any help would be appreciated.

Rosendo was awarded the Windenburg Residence scholarship which he duly accepted. He stuck his head into his books through high school, hoping that he would gain a distinguished degree while Mint continued to work through her career. It finally paid off for the both of them as Mint gained another promotion to Laboratory Leader & Rosendo accepted for the History Degree.

After a few days at uni classes (now a young adult), Rosendo met Nalani who he was attracted too. She was equally impressed by Rosendo asking to go out on a date with him a couple of days later. The date was very successful as they both ended up in the closet together.

Lovers at first sight.

Mint had decided to buy lottery tickets, hoping that some of their luck would change. Apparently this was not what the game thought as Joaquin Le Chein won instead. Nalani came to visit as she had to explain and share some news with Rosendo.

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