G2 – Rose (Prt 4) #Not So Berry

The Festival of Youth came to Mt Komorebi, Yellow didn’t know why but she wanted to check it out. Heading to the area alone Yellow went to investigate, watching some kids playing with the chemistry tables. Immediately getting tense, she also spotted the mascot in the centre with no-one around. Yellow decided to talk to him learning all about the Critter Challenge in the process. To keep a distance from all the kids, she started searching the grounds only managing to find a total of 6.

Yellow stuck her head in her books in the meantime becoming a Grade A Student. Her spare time was filled by playing chess in the garden & using the science table that Mint had purchased for her.

Rosendo was becoming very popular with the ladies, creating his own club. Each night a different person would end up in his bed. Yellow had also noticed this and was starting to hate her dad even more, creating a grudge between them.

Sentiment is on both Rosendo & Yellow profile’s, no photo captured

Valentines Day was soon upon us, so Rosendo started a group session heading out to the local bar together. He was asked on date during the party so he accepted staying put to watch the rest of group from breaking any rules. Rosendo maxed his Charisma skill.

Mint concentrated on getting her next promotion, levelling up in several skills.

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