G2 – Rose (Prt 5) #Not So Berry

Nalani not been visiting lately, scared of what Rosendo might do with his hot headed temper, so she phoned asking for a date immediately as he returned home from work. Rosendo ignored this phone call. Yellow decided to go thru a phase, turning into a bear, prior to her b’day. Mint decided to annoy Rosendo during prank day maxing skill. Since in great spirits she baked a cake for Yellow to age up.

It was time for Yellow to blow out her candles.

Yes that’s right, she inherited her mothers genes turning into a mermaid. Of course, she wasn’t overly enthusiastic about this, since still deeply connected with Grandmother.

Rosendo had a new phone call (Becca) which he accepted. Who’s knows love may blossom. Work was exhausting so never had much time to answer these calls getting workaholic lifestyle in the process.

Mint’s next shift gained her a promotion completing the finals stages of Career, just as her finals days were becoming closer. Yellow was devastated hearing Mint’s news from her doctor, not wanting to acknowledge putting it to the back of her mind. They enjoyed an afternoon together playing chess in the garden.

After a great few days together, Mint met Grim during the night a couple of evenings later.

failed tasks – due to complications with saves I will be continuing with challenge as this was a bonus

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