G2 – Rose (Prt 8) #Not So Berry

So.. Did they go out on a date?

The answer is …… wait for it …. yes. I didn’t manage to keep any photo’s, however they did earn gold for the last part of his aspiration. From their profiles, it seems as though they get on well with one another.

When I rejoined this game, both Yellow & Rosendo had work / school to go to, so waited for the weekend to arrive before attempting more of the story. This was also to allow me to get to grips with both characters, after such a long break away.

Rosendo was in good spirits heading to the local bar for the afternoon. This is when he met Lilliana. Another potential relationship was blooming. Securing more votes & several drinks later, Rosendo asked Lilliana out on a date.

Date #2 – Staying at bar, they find a quite corner together. As they get to the stage of embracing each other, this dude appeared. You can tell he was really impressed to be there.

Yellow was spending more & more time in the water, gaining outdoorsy lifestyle. Her fitness was also growing with all the swimming around. Collecting the mail, she voted for the water consumption NAP for the neighbourhood. After-all she wanted to preserve nature, keeping the waters clean & healthy.

The following day, Rosendo asked Kyra to pop over as he wanted to ask her an important question. Trying to decide whether he was ready for commitment, Rosendo took the plunge, and at the moment went down on one knee. All the while he was thinking ‘What am I doing?’. Kyra accepted of course, so they sealed the deal heading upstairs.

Getting out of the house, Yellow went to start work on her rocket ship where she plans on opening a little store.

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