G3 – Yellow (Prt 1) #Not So Berry

While Yellow was adjusting to living alone, she received a ticket to attend the ‘Sim Sessions’ concert. She decided to give it a go, why not? It was in a few days, so had plenty of time to prepare, knowing that she would be surrounded by strangers.

She continued hammering, finishing rocket & immediately wanted to explore space. So, when the next crew assembled she joined them, taking her rocket for its first spin. The trip didn’t last long, but upon her return she did find a vendor selling crystals at the Flee Market. After trying to haggle the prices, which was unsuccessful, she bought a few. Could these be the ones she had been looking for?

It was Sunday morning, time to get ready. Finding the concert area within the park at Willow Creek, she approached with caution. Would it be busy or quiet? Would she enjoy it? Grabbing herself some pizza while waiting for the first act to appear, helped settle her nerves.

What a thrill? Listening to the performers, taking photo’s & buying t-shirts, enjoying the whole day immensely.

Event that took place in Summer of 2021 for a limited time. I am over the moon, that it could be incorporated within this story line.

Stay tuned for more on ‘Yellow’s generation after this little fun interaction during gameplay.

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube@suzie170318For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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