G3 – Yellow (Prt 2) #Not So Berry

Returning home from the Festival, Yellow continued to work on her Rocket before work. She was still buzzing from attending festival so could wait to tell everyone in work. She came home shattered as at this point she had been up close to 36 hours.

Fulfilling her needs again, she invited Denise (who she met at festival) to the local park hoping to become more acquainted. It was here she also managed to sell some of her sculptured handiwork. Just chilling chatting to Denise & swimming around was the perfect comprise after such a long day yesterday. Even a morning swim before work the following day completed the relaxation period all set for rocket to be upgraded once again.

Relaxation benefits also paid of in work as she returned with a promotion to Space Cadet, rewarding herself with – wait for it – a hotdog & some lemonade. Definitely not a party animal eh?

Upon her return home, she checked the mailbox for anything that came back from the GEO council. These were the crystals that were bought in the previous update. She was in luck, some bills & the remaining element for Mint’s collection. This made her very happy, as she promised Mint before she passed, that it her was her mission to succeed finding these remaining elements. All that’s required now is the one in Sixam which we will find when she finally manages to visit.

Her promotion gave us another day off, so the following morning Mint decided to invite Denise over. Clearing up her inventory & house before Denise came, Yellow found her future cube. Totally forgetting that she had this, she decided to play, asking it a question about her love-life. What she didn’t expect from it was a returned answer saying that love was nearby. What did this mean? This island is usually pretty secluded.
So heading out front to investigate she finds Denise. Exchanging pleasantries, their conversion suddenly takes a different approach. Sharing photo’s, exchanging numbers let to apparently a First Kiss.
Was the future cube right?
Only time will tell, even Mint was pleased by sending a text later that night..

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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