G3 – Yellow (Prt 4) #Not So Berry

Yellow had her eye on the house next door for a long time. She heard a rumor that it was going on the market soon, so what better time to check it out. She made an offer & was immediately accepted as the owners wanted a speedy sale.

With the constant reminders of Rosendo around our old house, Yellow started to gather her belongings at move in as fast as she could. This is where she found out that the collection Mint had started was now all fully complete finding an extra element between the house inventories.

Settling in perfectly & in great spirits, Yellow decides to start by upgrading some of the appliances. Neighbourhood Action Plans were still the same as only move one lot, so she had to make a start soon before the pesky bills arrive. Still having plenty of time to spare on this Sunday afternoon, she decides to have a small impromptu gathering with her Mum & Denise. Both of them couldn’t be happier for Yellow & right before the end of the party, Denise gave her another kiss. This relationship sure has all the drama, up & down – back & forth, where would it led to next?

The following day, back at work Yellow manages to squeeze in some time at the Gym during an extended lunch break. She had been working extremely hard, & with the extra energized boost she gets another promotion to Astronaut. Returning home tired, Yellow decides not dress up or celebrate Halloween (Harvestfest) but go for a sleep instead. A couple of hours later she is woken by a phone call. It was Denise asking to go on another date to the ‘Solar Flare’ Club in Oasis Springs. Accepting the offer, Yellow hopes find out where this romantic relationship is heading & whether it was worth all the hassle.

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