G3 – Yellow (Prt 3) #Not So Berry

Heading into work the following day, Yellow receives a phone call almost immediately. What came next she didn’t expect at all. There were no hints anywhere.

Her dad, Rosendo had very suddenly, passed away. She struggled keeping it together in work & in the end had to come home early, heading to her dad’s house to find out what happened & some consolation from Hiroko. Very weirdly she whips out her guitar which she has never played.

Excellent timing, Denise ? as she texts asking to go out on a date. Yellow accepts, but not for romance just for some company as a friend. It happened to be raining at the estate where they met, so yellow finds a quiet area under a canopy & brings Denise over. Before the date went any further Yellow updated Denise on recent events complaining about the rain & thunderstorms in the process. She decided to call off the rest of date & head home. Denise wasn’t best pleased about this development, reducing her attraction towards Yellow. Of course Yellow felt bad, so she invited Denise back to the house too.

They hugged it out, chatting & exchanging gifts to one another until Denise called it a night and went home. This left Yellow all alone, moping about grieving for dad which carried well into the following day. There was no work to go to, she wasn’t in the mood for anything. Switching the radio on for background noise, Yellow received another call from Denise asking to pop round. Yellow starting thinking, maybe Denise isn’t bad after-all.

When yellow went to greet her at the door, so found Denise in a stomping angry mood. Why Denise? Couldn’t you have gone somewhere else, knowing what I am going through right now? Yellow ended up putting her problems aside trying to calm her down. They spent time chatting once again, playing chess together. Once Denise was in a better mood she disappeared home, leaving Yellow to sort her problems herself. Becoming bored & fed up with Denise being selfish, Yellow headed to her rocket to bang a few nuts & bolts upgrading another element for better response into space.

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