G3 – Yellow (Prt 7) #Not So Berry

Yellow is torn between Denise & Enele on who she likes best.
Deciding to work on rocket while her troubles drift into the distance, Enele asks for Yellow to accompany him on a date.

Well, what does she do now? Is it safe to accept? Will Denise find out? She decides to take the plunge & risk it. Maybe this will help ease her troubles.

During this date, she forgets that Denise had arranged a birthday party for her, with only her mum attending. Knowing Yellow doesn’t like being in crowded areas, Denise had thought asking just her mum, was the best idea. Yellow decides to stay on her date, since she was having a great evening, & blow off the party. While Denise & her mum, Nalani are waiting patiently at home for her return they have no idea that Enele & Yellow are together.

Yellow brings Enele home with her, where they end up sneaking into the spare bedroom. Denise thought she heard her arrive home, & finds the lovebirds in bed together. Oh no, had Yellow made the wrong choice? Was Denise serious about her all along? Spending time apart over the next day or too, Denise decides she has to know for sure where their relationship is heading so she swims out in the ocean to bring Yellow in for a chat.

Yellow & Denise chat for hours, working out what they both want & where Enele fits into the equation. All the while, Yellow had been feeling rather unwell.

Yeah you guessed it, a notification soon appears. Along with Nalani, wanting the gossip & to advise Yellow of her next steps.

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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