G3 – Yellow (Prt 8) #Not So Berry

It was New Year’s Eve (‘Hogmanay’ in Scotland), Yellow assess her life & plans into the following year. Talking with Denise, recovering what’s left of their relationship they both decide to raise the baby together. I hear you say ‘What’s Enele plans?’ At this stage, I’m not entirely sure myself.

Although the relationship between Denise & Yellow is progressing further in the right direction, Denise still chooses to sleep separately until trust is recuperated.

Yellow went into labor heading to hospital alone. It wasn’t long before baby ‘Grey’ made an appearance. Feeling overwhelmed with all the latest events, Yellow returned home with Grey a few days later, to find out Denise had not done any of housework at all. Dust was piling up everywhere. Yellow got to work immediately, making sure Baby Grey didn’t catch any unwanted diseases.

They both attended to the baby needs, when required, without much discussion between themselves. They may all live under the same roof, but that was it. Denise played her online games, Yellow went swimming in the ocean & Grey was in an empty room most of the time alone. Of course they both attended work sending Grey to daycare several times.

Yellow was starting to think something has to change, they can’t keep living like this. It’s not fair on either of them. Heading into space to do a workout & bypassing the moon she did some serious thinking.

Upon her return, it became Grey’s birthday. While baking the cake she discusses with Denise her plans. She recently had just been promoted to Sheriff, & baby Grey would be soon toddling about learning everything around him.

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