G4 – Grey (Prt 1) #Not So Berry

Commencing the generation, I return to game to find that it has a morbid start. Please note: apologies for any distress this may cause.

A notification immediately popped up saying Enele had passed away. Checking relationships, this was Grey’s father. Yellow had been re-cooping her romance with Denise, that I had totally forgot about Enele.
Although Grey hardly saw Enele, the effects of sadness & despair still contributed to his is current mood. After-all he was still his father & if he hadn’t been around, Grey wouldn’t be here at all.

Grey then looks to mum for comfort after crying himself to sleep. This is the first death he had encountered in his lifetime, & it happened to be his immediate family.

He decides to skip school to play basketball all day, heading to arena. Finding more kids around Grey tries to introduce himself. Recruiting them to group, they have a great a day together. Daichi tries to console Grey by talking about several different subjects. It seemed to have worked, Grey was in a much better mood till he arrived home.

Yellow asked how his day went since she got a text saying he wasn’t in school. Grey decided not to lie & confirmed that he had been at the arena all day. Yellow never reprimanded him & let it go for now, which made Grey realize that his mum understood, tucking him into bed. He gained this little clingy phase, wanting to be around yellow as time slowly passed.

Further days did pass, where Yellow sent her crystals/metals from Sixam to the GEO council for further evaluation & getting another bonus in work. Denise mopes around playing games/working staying out of everyone’s way. Grey heads to school & brings home his friend Ami & has a kickabout with Daichi.

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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