G3 – Yellow (Prt 11) #Not So Berry

Everyone’s daily schedule continued as normal after their short break in Yukimatsu while working on rocket in-between.

Grey spotted a basketball arena in the vacuity of Yellow’s rocket, getting intrigued to investigate further. Finding a friend inside they decide to create a small group, recruiting as many people as they can. At last somewhere to go, outside of Sulani, hating the lifestyle his mum had.

It wasn’t long before Halloween, Denise decided to throw a party (however she didn’t look overly thrilled about it). Grey’s friend turned up wearing exactly the same, so he looked inside for another costume. Why he didn’t just roll with it is beyond me?

Fire ! he shouts … with some strangers coming to the rescue.
Successfully controlling the flames the party continues for a while longer, until the dreaded word was said again – FIRE FIRE !!! It came from the other bathroom & grey had enough running outside to escape.

No-one was hurt thankfully & all flames were successfully contained once again. Denise sends everyone home, but Grey doesn’t want to enter the house, so he finds solace outdoors trying to get a little nap.

Well after events from the party, Halloween wasn’t in Grey’s list of fun activities. Anytime his parents sent him to school, he would venture to the arena and of course no-one else noticed.
Denise & Yellow gained further promotions, then Yellow disappears for several days. Where could she be?

Remembering a promise she made to her gran, which had drifted aside for many years, she had to get beyond the stars to find out if Mint was right. Finally reaching Sixam, there were no signs of alien activity at all.

However the surroundings were rather peculiar & warranted some further investigation. Digging up some elements, Yellow realized that her trip was successful.

We will follow Yellow’s story as we continue with the Grey generation.

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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