G4 – Grey (Prt 3) #Not So Berry

And we done it …
Grey moved into the biggest apartment that he could find, spending his mum’s generous gift before she changed her mind. There was still 22k left, so Grey could live comfortably without a care in the world.

Heading down the local gym to meet the neighbours’, Grey receives a text. It was his mum saying that Denise was maybe planning on proposing. Grey was like, ‘Hell yeah go for it, mum’.

I suppose we will need to find out what happens next, but in the meantime Grey advances in most of his skills & learns to play the piano in the process. Afterall the landlord had left it inside the apartment anyway.

New Years was fast approaching and what better time to have a party to celebrate having a new home. He invited everyone from the Basketball Group that he grew up with, along with his mum & Denise. He asked his mum if she would cook for everyone. Yellow said ‘yes, this time I will – but you will need to learn to cook for yourself. I can’t be here all the time to bail you out.’

Ami & Grey were starting to become more than just friends competing in a basketball dunk competition.

Grey receives a call to say his grandmother died, so what does he do … Party !!

Don’t think they actually met each other as not with relationship panel, but he still has some feelings. Afterall it was his grandmother.

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