G4 – Grey (Prt 4) #Not So Berry

Another house party followed soon afterwards since going thru a loud music phase. Teen-age life alone in a massive house is great, parting & being able to skip school constantly, hanging around the basketball arena.

I’m sure Denise came to club to check up on him one night, but ended up dying in the process. As usual the party continues with Grey being too energized to care. He not a complete insensitive jerk though, as the following morning he heads to Mum’s house for some condolences.

Several days passed still skipping school, playing bowling & basketball with not a lot of drama. Yellow texted asking if I want to come over. When Grey got there, she had prepared a cake for his upcoming birthday. Grey was planning on partying but couldn’t resist his mum wanting to spend time together.

Starting a new career Grey had encountered problems. His energetic lifestyle kept interfering with his career progress. Each day he attended, the results were heading in the opposite direction. Time to make some drastic changes, buying a potion to release him of this lifestyle. While the effects of potion kicks in, it was Friday night & ‘Night on the Town’ meaning party time – singing a duet with Lanuola. Is this the start of another relationship? He hadn’t spoke to Ami in a while.

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