G4 – Grey (Prt 7) #Not So Berry

Baby Julie was his after-all. Realizing he wasn’t due into work till tomorrow, I suppose I should pop over and say hello.

Grey met both her sisters, while Ami was napping on the couch. They had not long lost a family member so tensions & sadness surrounded the atmosphere. Ami’s sisters introduced Julie to Grey, who was feeling a little apprehensive about the situation. They did bond which made Grey accept he was a parent now.

Talking to Ami, in her ‘converted garage’ bedroom, Grey asked if they could just be friends as this is moving to fast, “I’m not sure I like it but I promise to be there for both you &Julie. I won’t run away from my responsibilities. What you think?” Ami agreed, although she immediately become flirty again. Grey needs to think things over before committing himself again. They agree to be BFF’s.

It was now not long before ‘New Years’, so after work he headed out finding himself at the Stargazer Lounge. He decided to invite his friends along, sharing the party spirit. While attempting to get to know Yuka, Ami joined the conversation. How awkward. Trying to keep things casual Grey turns on the karaoke, while Ami continues to stick around watching both Yuka & Grey singing their heart out. Will she ever leave me alone?

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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