G4 – Grey (Prt 6) #Not So Berry

Since it was snowing the following day, Grey decided to visit Mt Komorebi. Taking a energized jog, he spots the old bunny slope that he had with during childhood. He couldn’t continue jogging without reliving some old memories. He finds an old pair of Ski’s thrown down at the side, so since no-one was looking he picks them up heading to the top of the slope.

Whoa !! I missed this so much. A few more turns then he starts to get hungry. He went to the vending machine for a hot burger, since the stall was closed, having to fight & shake to release it. After taking a short break to eat, he heads for the larger slope. A couple of perfect runs, then his feet starts getting sore. Before going home, he visits the onson to relax.

About to head for work, when Ami calls. She had found my ring. Eh? Stop the bus when did things get so serious. I’m still deciding on my preference, relationship wise. What do I say? Should I go for it & decide afterwards? Will I lose girlfriend status if say no? Decisions decisions.

Grey finally says no, let’s wait & see what happens. I’m planning on inviting you over for Winterfest, if you accept.

Returning home from work, the house was in no fit state to have guests round. Not wanting to tidy it up, he heads to mum’s to spend Winterfest with her, inviting both Dachi & Ami. When he gets there he finds out that Ami is pregnant. Oops, Was it his ?

Ami stays the night so they can talk, opening presents in the morning together. Yellow starts preparing dinner, so Grey decides to help & then they all have a pleasant day. So much had changed since last Winterfest, when grey (as a kid) was deciding to move to the city.

Grey headed for a jog in the old neighborhood before returning home the following morning. He hadn’t expected to have such a great holiday season.

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