#Not So Berry – Legacy Update

Upon starting this family again, I was trying to get my inspiration back. Since the Sims4 came to consoles in 2017, I have visited YouTube on many occasions, watching all the famous streamers. It was time to use this method once again.

During my period of non sims4 activity, I became more & more distant from continuing these updates & had attempted to create a different aspect going LIVE on Twitch. Suddenly I found myself with no motivation for either, deciding to almost stop playing altogether. It was too soon for my journey on Twitch, but I did have a fun idea from a different legacy challenge that incorporated more to my game.

Browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon lilsimsie‘s channels. Although I usually tend to watch her in small doses, I decided this time to lurk in some Twitch streams & join her amazing community throughout the St-Jude Marathon. I slowly began to see, that no matter what’s happening in life, she continued to provide her amazing professional content for us all to enjoy putting her own health aside. This opened my eyes & thoughts BIG time. Maybe I should continue after-all. Compared to everything she was going through in May, my petty situation became more & more like a tiny little pebble & not the huge boulder that I thought.

So here I am, about to start the Plum Generation once again. However, I have decided to incorporate the fun idea I briefly mentioned above. If anyone had visited my streams or is planning on watching VOD’s, the Nerdy Bunny collaboration of ‘Pinstar’s Legacy Rules’ had a fun coloring book idea for scoring. I will be using the Family & Athletic scoring sections within my #NotSoBerry Legacy which hopefully should combine the two & bring my love for the Sims back.

Scoring Family

I have updated Plumbob to the present Plum Generation using the same colors in this challenge.

The final 10th & Blue Gen will have a tiny baby Plumbob coloured blue when we finally reach the end goals.

I cannot thank you enough Simsie (for ALL that you do). From the bottom of my heart, I wish you & your family good health (including Snappy). I’ll be watching / lurking (as much as I can) in future, so please everyone reading this (if not already) go follow @lilsimsie, subscribe & all that fun stuff (Links below).

Twitter YouTube & More Simsie Twitch


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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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