G5 – Plum (Prt 2) #Not So Berry

The family head to the Cinema for family movie Sunday to watch the latest film. I rejoined my game at this point so not really sure which film was on as it had just ended as game loaded. They continued to have a good time unaided, as Grey prepped himself for work. No matter how he performs, a promotion is going to be while.

When the rest of the family head home, Ami plays cards with the kids but somehow Plum decided to work on her piano skill first. She was still practicing as Grey returned home exhausted, but he decided on his way to bed that he would give Plum some encouragement since he hadn’t influenced her this time.

Oliva started to get scared about the monster under her bed, attempting to wake up everyone in the household. She succeeds but they totally ignore her hoping she would grow up. Was this nightmares from the movie? Had she imagined there was a monster ? Grey couldn’t take much more of the moaning & eventually gave in, spraying the little pesky monster away.

Everyone continues to go about their daily tasks (going to school/work, eating/drinking, bathing etc) until Grey decides it was time to talk to Julie about WooHoo. Julie was starting to become more popular inviting several class mates home, saying ‘whatever’ to the discussion with her dad playing with her phone. It’s not long before she becomes a Y/A so in Julie’s mind she is old enough to do what she wants.

Oliva goes to the park with Savanna after school, then returns home to talk to Mum & Dad about it. Ami was listening but attempts to entice Grey into some adult fun instead. The conversion suddenly becomes awkward, so Grey continues to ignore her listening as Olivia finishes her project.

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