G5 – Plum (Prt 7) #Not So Berry

Fears successfully removed, hoping Grey’s career progresses in the right direction although it will be several days before he returns to work.
It’s Christmas Eve in game & also career day in School. Both Plum & Olivia attend.

The next morning (would you believe it on Christmas Day), there is a dreaded phone call. Ami’s sister had passed during the night. Ami hadn’t spoke with her in so long, so most of the kids were young when they first met. Ami decides not to let it spoil their day & consoles each of them separately, even though she was still grieving herself.

Plum decides to sneak a present before anyone else, then spends the day in awe of Grey playing keyboard. She also attempts to play later in the day, with Grey encouraging her. Surprisingly the day had gone well, until Father Winter appears. I’m not sure what’s scary about this household, but everyone welcomes him anyway.

Returning to school after the holiday’s, Plum gets a notification…
I decide to accept. There is another Prom on the horizon, which Plum still has no date for. Now that’s she has graduated, should we still go ?

Let’s hope the game doesn’t glitch & Plum gets the graduation ceremony she deserves.

I know Julie had missed out on hers, during EA patches to fix small glitches.

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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