G5 – Plum (Prt 8) #Not So Berry

It soon came to Plum’s birthday & I hadn’t seen any notifications of Graduation.

I didn’t want to use the computer or talk to Principal to Graduate early as there is known bug that turns you into a guest instead.

EA Updates – 30th August

Early Graduates now receive their diploma and no longer are erroneously told that they are dropping out.

So Ami started baking a cake to celebrate but Plum couldn’t wait. Gutted never got to do a proper graduation, but always next time.

The aging up process seemed to have reset the progress bar on career. She was just about to get a promotion, so it’s time to get some fun for her birthday down at the nightclub.

Plum spends all night/day in the nightclub, while waiting a few days for the next shift working on skill building. Heading next door to the gym, she makes new friends.

During school hours, Olivia received a call from Ami asking thoughts on having a baby. Julie had moved out so Ami obliviously must be missing her. Olivia said ‘Go for it’ so I’ll guess we’ll see what happens next.

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