G5 – Plum (Prt 12) #Not So Berry

With the big day looming, Plum rethinks pronouns (please feel free to correct any grammar from here on in with these pronouns as I am new to this) while Hitomi attempts to be best friends. Both met once at the ski slopes so let me think ? Nah not today, maybe in the future. Hitomi feels rejected by Plum decision.

Plum decided to take a nap in prep for wedding in the afternoon, but someone had other ideas ….

It’s a boy !! The orange gen had arrived early (I did mean to take screenshot, but it appeared I must have forgotten or it didn’t save) Well this was unexpected.

Anyway, it was time to take our vows. Member I said it would be low key, I didn’t mean that the rest of family wasn’t invited. Oops another controller error, what’s wrong with me in this part. Wedding consisted of both brides & Ami, that’s it. I guess Julie was a little unimpressed, judging by her latest DM.

Plum mastered her dancing skill & posted about the wedding, as everything seemed a pleasant day. On the way home, Ami suddenly started to get labor pains. Oh, no not again, I knew this would happen but thought Orange would be closer to a toddler by the time Plum gained a new sibling. Well, off you go Ami … I’ll stay here and watch over everything.

As I started to follow Ami to the front of the house, Ghost Grey appeared following her all the way & disappearing at the same bit. I wish I had captured the moment as it touched a little part of my heart that he went with her. Ami returned with baby, Felix (another boy). I felt in some way he was the lucky sim that got conceived before Grey’s demise hence the name chosen.

Olivia starting to feel more & more distant, I mean her sister just got married – she gained a nephew & a brother just after her dad had not long passed. Wouldn’t you feel the same, wanting to escape, I know I sure would. I follow Olivia to school gaining more relationships for where her story goes from here. And amongst it all Plum tries asking for more – just as well it’s your b’day Olivia, let’s get outta here.

She’s graduating, as if I thought she wouldn’t, hopefully fingers crossed gameplay will happen since it’s showing on calendar. I just need to remember, incase no notifications appear – but this is a big step forward (EA had addressed glitches in the latest patch PC: / Mac: / Console: Version 1.63)

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