G5 – Plum (Prt 11) #Not So Berry

Well, maybe it’s time to tell Eloise I guess. I mean I haven’t heard from her in days.

Plum: ‘Do you want to take a stroll up to the waterfall?
Eloise: ‘Sure why, not. It is late but also nice out
Plum just comes out with it: ‘I’m pregnant’ What do you think we should do?

They both continue to talk through it, but somehow it ends with a proposal. Plum is still a little insure about the relationship, but can’t have a kid without being wed first.

Eloise says ‘Yes’ & they both head home to respective houses. Plum heading to bed for sleep, I totally forget about the rest of the household.

Then this popped up …. I stop controlling u for two seconds, Why Grey Why?

I wanted you to walk Plum down the Aisle. You’ll never met your grandkid AND your own child. Ami had shocked me when attending to Grey’s grave side in the rain. I had no idea Ami had preceded with her thoughts after asking both kids. At least Plum won’t be alone.

Thinking ahead Plum asks her mum ‘Would you be my sim of honor?’ Ami immediately says ‘Yes’ but considering the circumstances it will be a very low key wedding. It is rushed for all the wrong reasons but necessary.

Olivia heads out for a bit to discuss with Friend.

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