Silva’s Eco Rags-to-Riches Part Four

With the loan now paid off, Silva continued to do some extra work at home. It was time for a change what she wanted to achieve in life, so aspiration reflected the Eco Lifestyle.

Rocky invited her to go to Spice Festival so Silva decided why not since it’s been a while since they spent time together. Little Andrew was sent to day care after all, Silva had been up many nights with him & needed some rest-bite. Silva managed to collect some ingredients at the festival, for maybe growing a garden round the back of the house for recipes she was planning on learning. She ended up being ‘Plum’d off for No Reason’ (shown below).

It wasn’t long before the weekend when voting opened again for the next NAP. Silva decided to choose Eco-Friendly Appliances hoping to eventually become fully off-the-grid going back to scouting days with no electronics’ at all.

Her old chum (Bess) from Uni phoned looking to borrow some money for a new business venture, Silva decided to contribute although she was very skeptical about receiving repayment. Silva soon regretted her decision and went to a morning jog to clear her mind.

Hope you enjoyed this little mini series, as futures updates will no longer appear. Lost saved file so started a new couple new challenges instead.

Silva’s Eco Rags-to-Riches Part Three

Silva was planning on declining the last bribe, but during gameplay I accidently pressed the other option. Her manager was un-impressed immediately demoting her, saying she wasn’t ready to proceed in this stage of the career.

Using $500 of her bribe money she decided to pay a bit of her loan. After-all she had already damaged her career with the public knowing about the bribe. Starting to feel bad about it all she was losing sleep, not hearing from Rocky at all. Her jealous trait made her even more anxious & stressed so she decided to give him a call. Ring, Ring, no answer.

Silva was determined that the correct choices where going to be taken for future cases, so she accepted the testimony below gaining a reward & a little fame. Things were starting to look up.

Doc visited while I was working, finding trespassers in the neighbourhood helping themselves to everything my house. Being the caring dad he is, he made sure that they left before I returned from work. Shortly afterwards the repo-man appeared again, due to the fact I was unable to make payment through working hours. Doc was still there managing to convince him to take some of my old books. He also promised him that I would pay the rest when home.

When dad told me what happened I decided to use the remainder of the bribery money to pay off the entire outstanding balance of the loan.

Silva’s Eco Rags-to-Riches Part Two

Silva continued with day-to-day life over the weekend taking care of baby Andrew. She had gained enough money to be able to pay $200 to her loan. Johanna & Doc appeared at the door, looking to meet Andrew so Silva decided to invite them in.

Doc seemed to be great with baby Andrew entertaining him when attention seeking. Silva explained about how the locals where asking for the modern development in area, trying to clear the rubbish lying around. Both Doc & Johanna agreed helping her to promote the cause.

Then Rocky showed up at the door, so Silva let in him in also. Drinking a cuppa together hoping to get to know each other better. It was a great day.

Silva’s next shift at work, after an eventful weekend, earned her a raise to Honorable Arbitrator. Few days later she while working at home reading her next cases, she was offered a bribe to rule in favor of the defendant.

Silva’s Eco Rags-to-Riches Part One

The day finally came when Silva had to start packing her bags and leave the university student housing. Where to now? Back to her parents or venture out in the world all on her own.

Since the majority of simmers choose Rags-to-Riches, Silva spotted a new plot of land near Grim’s Quarry in the Evergreen Harbour neighbourhood. She left university with $4011 in her pocket & a $2768 student loan to pay.  Still with the possibility of being pregnant, Silva decided she had to start thinking about getting a roof over her head. She completed her next shift as a barista, earning a pay raise.  While building her little house, the locals had mentioned that there was a vacancy as a judge available and told her to go for it.   After-all this is what she studied for, making her perfect for the role.  So, she quit her Barista job & applied for the judge taking a big leap of faith that she would get it.

Her degree paid off, advancing to level 8 of the career and gaining all perks in her inventory. This was perfect as her house started to become liveable with new furniture etc. As you can see from the pic, Silva did leave university with a little offspring to take care of. She decided to take Rocky to meet her parents, and tell them the good news. Johanna was delighted, although Doc was not in the best of moods. Silva stayed clear as he was getting ready to explode, so maybe not the best time to stick around. She headed back home.

A few days passed, with Silva going to work earning some savings for when the baby is born. She totally forgot all about the student loan she still had, so never made any payments towards it.

You guessed it, the repo-man showed up deciding that he would take the shower as payment and warned Silva not to do it again. Of course all this added extra stress which sent her into early labour. By the end of the night, little baby Andrew was born.

Silva managed to get a little bit of work done while the baby was sleeping before her next shift the following day.