Silva’s Eco Rags-to-Riches Part Three

Silva was planning on declining the last bribe, but during gameplay I accidently pressed the other option. Her manager was un-impressed immediately demoting her, saying she wasn’t ready to proceed in this stage of the career.

Using $500 of her bribe money she decided to pay a bit of her loan. After-all she had already damaged her career with the public knowing about the bribe. Starting to feel bad about it all she was losing sleep, not hearing from Rocky at all. Her jealous trait made her even more anxious & stressed so she decided to give him a call. Ring, Ring, no answer.

Silva was determined that the correct choices where going to be taken for future cases, so she accepted the testimony below gaining a reward & a little fame. Things were starting to look up.

Doc visited while I was working, finding trespassers in the neighbourhood helping themselves to everything my house. Being the caring dad he is, he made sure that they left before I returned from work. Shortly afterwards the repo-man appeared again, due to the fact I was unable to make payment through working hours. Doc was still there managing to convince him to take some of my old books. He also promised him that I would pay the rest when home.

When dad told me what happened I decided to use the remainder of the bribery money to pay off the entire outstanding balance of the loan.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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