Part One

So I found myself in the most depressing situation that no-one would like to be in, homeless with no family as parents dyed when I was young. I grew up in foster care but it’s now time for me to take control of my own destiny. So, I decided to keep all my experiences written in a diary that I would like to share with you.

The days and nights slowly drifted by, to keep entertained I visited several parks/gyms and lounge bars which helped keep me warm during the cold nights. This is where I met my good friend Summer playing chess in the park.

I eventually got the required skills to become a domestic helper by studying in the Library, so it was down to the local charity shop to get some clean clothes.

New clothes

The first house I knocked on was the BFF’s who let me in straight away.   I started chatting with them around the tele, so I was making progress creating new friendships.   I wanted to make some breakfast for everyone, so I headed to the fridge for some ingredients and started cooking.   This turned out to be a huge mistake as I was shouted at by everyone saying GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AT ONCE.   Great, two hours in and I’m fired.

fired from first job

Following on from my previous disaster, I had another chance with a different family the following day.   I learned from my experience yesterday not to cook but keep house tidy by hovering, taking trash out etc.   I had great opportunities to chat and get to know everyone a little better.   These were a group of students with similar ages to myself, so it was perfect.

My first day went incredible well so I was invited back again tomorrow.   I couldn’t believe it I landed myself a great way to make a little cash and have relationships that I could become great friends with later.  The Roomies were totally a different family.

First wages as domestic cleaner

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