Part Two

I headed back to the Roomies house every day at 8am, so my friendships were starting to get stronger and stronger.   I thought it was best never to tell them about being homeless as I had fell in love with one of the housemates.   Every night after working a few hours and I would find a cosy spot where no-one would see and start dreaming about us being married and having kids.

catching on sleep anywhere i can

I had to pluck up the courage as ask him out on a date.   The next day, I had made the decision to ask but as soon as I saw him I completely froze, and the words wouldn’t come out of my month. The days drifted on in the same way, so it became harder and harder to finally say I like you.  One night I had the best opportunity when they invited me to stay behind on a Friday and have a few drinks with them. After all they did have a big minibar in the house.   I was having a brilliant time as I had just found out from J that he felt the same way.   We talked and confessed everything together and decided we were going on date the following day.

Making some friendships while working DC

He took me out to the local bar where we had our first kiss out on the balcony.   It was a beautiful spot and romantic although were totally obsessed with each other in the moment that we forgot to take to pictures to record the special occasion.   Later, I realized I couldn’t invite him home, so I asked if he would like to join me at my favourite spot at the back of Desert Bloom park in Oasis Springs where the views are awesome.   I was delighted when he said yes, and that made the night even more special.    Since my sweetheart, J Huntington III is my first relationship I had decided on taking things slowly for now to see how it goes.

j and emilie date collage

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