Final Part

J spent the night after my recent promotions to celebrate which was the first time in my little tiny house.   Next morning, I didn’t feel good at all and thought it was just some dodgy food the previous day.   A couple of days later nothing changed.   I was pregnant.

The Sims™ 4 (2)

Decided to tell J the good news, he popped round everyday taking care of the housework making sure I didn’t need to lift a finger.   I had to tell him thanks for caring but I’m only pregnant and can still manage most tasks, was so bored with nothing to do.

I had built up $5369 in savings, so I had asked J to find more information about taking our house furnishings and design a new house in a different area.   He had managed to get us $10,000 mortgage to start a fresh together and raise our kid.


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Part Nine

Job was going well and harvesting my little garden had made a huge profit over the coming months that I managed to extend my little one room house.   Planning permission had already been granted as I had a huge amount of space on my land.   The neighbour’s didn’t complain either as they were all delighted to let their relatives visit our little town now that my house didn’t look like a bomb shelter.

new extensions 1new extensions

J phoned me one morning and asked if I would go to the geek con with him.   After all the support he has given me this past year, I couldn’t refuse so I went with him.   We ended up having a great time, going a little trip in the rocket and consummating our relationship once more.

J and Maxwell started visiting more me often, as couldn’t bare to be in the roomies house with the constant reminders of Zoe.   We headed to the Sunny Side Diner every day for lunch before work and become the closest of friends.   Another couple of promotions headed my way to Cater then Mixologist so decided to trade my old single bed for a more comfortable double bed.





Part Eight

When we all came to terms of the loss of Zoe, we realized that Maxwell was the most affected by the fire.   I tried to console him inside and tidy the house the best we could.     Everyone came to the agreement that it was best to scatter ashes in the little garden in middle of the house, so Zoe could still be close to everyone.   It made things a little easier for the roommates knowing she was close by.

aftermath of fire

This household bonded closer than ever, including myself spending many days and nights together.   Recent events showed us all that the life is too short and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

We headed back to our jobs after taking our sick-leave days.   As the old saying goes ‘Life go on’ so why continue to mourn.  We helped each other get back on track and worked our butts off to take our thoughts away from Zoe.   This is when I ended up getting a promotion to head dishwasher.



Part Seven

Now that I had a place to stay and go to sleep, it was time to get myself a job.   I headed down to the local library to see if there were any vacancies.   I applied for dishwasher job and was asked to come for an interview tomorrow.   Things are now slowly coming together so I decided to get a full makeover to show them that I am confident worker and would be a great asset to the restaurant.

new look

Told J later that I got the job, he showed me how to mix drinks etc and let me practice with their bar at home. I found out that I was good at it, so I could see progress with my career swiftly.  I mean no-one wants to be a dishwasher all the time.

Afterwards we headed to the park for some fresh air, as the summer weather was approaching.   We managed to pick a great spot for some romance and couldn’t help kissing each other again.   I had found the ideal man to raise a family and spend the rest of my life with.

spending time with J at park

After a wonderful day down at the park, I was invited back to stay which I gladly accepted.   This time we had no interruption’s and were madly in love with each other.

Maxwell was first up making breakfast when the fire alarm went off.   Will there ever be a night at the roomies house without drama?   Everyone else headed outside to call the fire brigade, I headed for the extinguisher to try and tackle it first.   Managed to get under control when the hunky firefighters appeared.   They told me to join my friends outside, so they can make things safe again.   This is when I noticed Zoe was seriously injured and needed medical treatment straight away.   I tried phoning the emergency services once more.  Despite all the efforts from firefighters trying to revive her, she was pronounced DOA when the ambulance arrived with the doctor.

death of Zoe

Part Six

That night J and I spent together was special, as it was my first.   It will be remembered for years.

first night together

We were rudely interrupted that night by Vampire Vladislaus.  He had managed mesmerize me and suck my blood before J could stop him, which made me feel uncomfortable the rest of night.   I had started feeling sick so went to sit in living room for a while.   I didn’t want to keep J awake also.   J never went back to sleep and sat with me the whole night trying to make me feel better.

The sickness continued for a few days.  Could I possibly be pregnant or is it just aftermath from the Vampire?   I decided I had to take a test to find out as I still didn’t have a roof over my head.   The test came back negative followed by a sigh of relief.

preg text failed

Once I started to feel better, I knew it was time to start building before I do end up impregnated.  I started to investigate at the local library finding out what information I would need if any.   I had my own planning permission on the land, so I was free to do whatever I wanted as long as it didn’t expand from my plot.   Preparations were under way and at least I can now say I have my own house.  It may not be much, but its still home to me.

new home

Part Five

I thanked Selena for mentioning to me about the shelter and she agreed to keep it between us.   It was brilliant to have some food and a warm bed to sleep in, so she offered me to spend more nights whenever the weather was bad.   I was delighted, somewhere to go and keep warm.

J phoned me later that day and asked if I wanted to join him at the Humor and Hijinks Festival.   I said yes, thinking this would be great way to spend more time together.   We joined in with Jokesters Team and ending up winning.




I had no need for the microphone or fireworks, so I sold them to get more money.  Both of us were excited about the day out together, that we decided to go on another date to the romantic lounge in the city.

Several drinks later, we got very passionate with each other and he invited me back to his to stay the night.   Yippee no shelter or park bench for me tonight.

date night

Part Four

When I got back to the park, I wanted to curl up in a cosy corner and hide.   My heart was broken and wouldn’t be mending anytime soon.   I had decided that it was best not to return to the house for a while, so I consoled with his other roommate Maxwell about what I should do next.   Whether I should contact or leave him?

consoling with Maxwell about J

Mitchell was very helpful.  Knowing J the way he does, he convinced me not to give up and to go and speak to J about my feelings.   So that night I phoned him, and I made him aware that if anything like this happens again there will be no second chances.   He apologized, mentioned that he was only play flirting with Zoe and hadn’t realized that it had caused so many problems between us.   He agreed to stop any flirting while our relationship grew stronger.

We talked some more in a quiet corner of the lounge bar a couple of days later, finding out things we never knew before.   He was a Quality Assurance worker at Rainy-Day Entertainment and I let him know that I didn’t have many possessions or a proper job.  It was a very successful evening, and I was optimistic that things were back on track.

The following day I met Selena at the park after my little nap on a bench.  Since she caught me sleeping, she quietly informed me that she ran a successful homeless shelter.   She offered me to stay the night for a proper sleep, shower, and some breakfast in the morning.   By this time I was in desperate need of sleep in a bed rather than the hard park benches, so I took her offer and spent the rest of the day/night at the shelter.

1st night in shelter

breakfast at shelter
Breakfast with Selena




Part Three

I headed back the Roomies house for some more domestic cleaning over the next few weeks.   I suppose I just wanted to see J again.   As my wages grew, it was time to update my little plot of land.  I learned from talking to other gardeners that harvesting earns big amounts of money.  So, I started planting a little fruit garden with 8 Snapdragons, 1 Strawberry and 6 Onions.

Life was perfect.   I was earning a little cash with my garden, hanging out with J and his friends, visiting the lounge bars and partying at their home.   I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

friend collage

One day while I was at J’s house I couldn’t believe it; maybe my world was about to end when I caught him flirting with Zoe Patel (his roommate).

Was it over between us?

Has he lost interest because I was taking things slow?

I thought we were in love with love with each other and would have waited until I was ready for the next step.   How wrong was I?

I finished the rest of my shift and headed home to drown my sorrows.

sad about J

Part Two

I headed back to the Roomies house every day at 8am, so my friendships were starting to get stronger and stronger.   I thought it was best never to tell them about being homeless as I had fell in love with one of the housemates.   Every night after working a few hours and I would find a cosy spot where no-one would see and start dreaming about us being married and having kids.

catching on sleep anywhere i can

I had to pluck up the courage as ask him out on a date.   The next day, I had made the decision to ask but as soon as I saw him I completely froze, and the words wouldn’t come out of my month. The days drifted on in the same way, so it became harder and harder to finally say I like you.  One night I had the best opportunity when they invited me to stay behind on a Friday and have a few drinks with them. After all they did have a big minibar in the house.   I was having a brilliant time as I had just found out from J that he felt the same way.   We talked and confessed everything together and decided we were going on date the following day.

Making some friendships while working DC

He took me out to the local bar where we had our first kiss out on the balcony.   It was a beautiful spot and romantic although were totally obsessed with each other in the moment that we forgot to take to pictures to record the special occasion.   Later, I realized I couldn’t invite him home, so I asked if he would like to join me at my favourite spot at the back of Desert Bloom park in Oasis Springs where the views are awesome.   I was delighted when he said yes, and that made the night even more special.    Since my sweetheart, J Huntington III is my first relationship I had decided on taking things slowly for now to see how it goes.

j and emilie date collage

Part One

So I found myself in the most depressing situation that no-one would like to be in, homeless with no family as parents dyed when I was young. I grew up in foster care but it’s now time for me to take control of my own destiny. So, I decided to keep all my experiences written in a diary that I would like to share with you.

The days and nights slowly drifted by, to keep entertained I visited several parks/gyms and lounge bars which helped keep me warm during the cold nights. This is where I met my good friend Summer playing chess in the park.

I eventually got the required skills to become a domestic helper by studying in the Library, so it was down to the local charity shop to get some clean clothes.

New clothes

The first house I knocked on was the BFF’s who let me in straight away.   I started chatting with them around the tele, so I was making progress creating new friendships.   I wanted to make some breakfast for everyone, so I headed to the fridge for some ingredients and started cooking.   This turned out to be a huge mistake as I was shouted at by everyone saying GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AT ONCE.   Great, two hours in and I’m fired.

fired from first job

Following on from my previous disaster, I had another chance with a different family the following day.   I learned from my experience yesterday not to cook but keep house tidy by hovering, taking trash out etc.   I had great opportunities to chat and get to know everyone a little better.   These were a group of students with similar ages to myself, so it was perfect.

My first day went incredible well so I was invited back again tomorrow.   I couldn’t believe it I landed myself a great way to make a little cash and have relationships that I could become great friends with later.  The Roomies were totally a different family.

First wages as domestic cleaner