Part Nine

Job was going well and harvesting my little garden had made a huge profit over the coming months that I managed to extend my little one room house.   Planning permission had already been granted as I had a huge amount of space on my land.   The neighbour’s didn’t complain either as they were all delighted to let their relatives visit our little town now that my house didn’t look like a bomb shelter.

new extensions 1new extensions

J phoned me one morning and asked if I would go to the geek con with him.   After all the support he has given me this past year, I couldn’t refuse so I went with him.   We ended up having a great time, going a little trip in the rocket and consummating our relationship once more.

J and Maxwell started visiting more me often, as couldn’t bare to be in the roomies house with the constant reminders of Zoe.   We headed to the Sunny Side Diner every day for lunch before work and become the closest of friends.   Another couple of promotions headed my way to Cater then Mixologist so decided to trade my old single bed for a more comfortable double bed.





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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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