Part Eight

When we all came to terms of the loss of Zoe, we realized that Maxwell was the most affected by the fire.   I tried to console him inside and tidy the house the best we could.     Everyone came to the agreement that it was best to scatter ashes in the little garden in middle of the house, so Zoe could still be close to everyone.   It made things a little easier for the roommates knowing she was close by.

aftermath of fire

This household bonded closer than ever, including myself spending many days and nights together.   Recent events showed us all that the life is too short and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

We headed back to our jobs after taking our sick-leave days.   As the old saying goes ‘Life go on’ so why continue to mourn.  We helped each other get back on track and worked our butts off to take our thoughts away from Zoe.   This is when I ended up getting a promotion to head dishwasher.



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