Part One

We pick up this story from Emilie Dixon – Homeless Challenges – where both J and Emilie decide to move to a new Neighbourhood in ‘Willow Creek’. J had managed to get a mortgage for bigger plot of land to raise their unborn child.  They started hiring builders to build their new home, occurring lots of problems and taking weeks to complete.  In the meantime Emilie had stored all her stuff in J’s garage and spent many nights at his house.

Once Emilie had settled again, she asked J to move in which was risky as he is afraid of commitment.     Emilie was delighted when he said yes and asked why the sudden change in personality.   J said he was excited that his kid would enter the world soon and couldn’t wait.

settled in, waiting to pop

A few days later they were both decorating the nursery, when Emilie started labour pains.   Time to head to the hospital and get booked in.     The labour lasted for hours, making them anxious to find out if it was a boy or girl.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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