Part Two

Dr Masato Okada, a medical intern at I Fell Down Wellness Centre, was very supportive through Emilie’s labour and delivered a beautiful baby Girl.   J and Emilie had names already picked for either Gender, so it didn’t take long to register birth.   Baby Anneka has now joined the household.

anneka hospital photos

Emilie took Anneka home as quickly as she could from hospital.   This is when J became a perfect father offering to take some of the night feeds allowing Emilie to sleep longer.

Several weeks past and Emilie went back to work. It wasn’t long before they realized that their shifts overlapped each other.   Time for hiring a nanny.   They didn’t have time to start an any interviews, so they asked the agency to send their most experienced worker. The next day Fatima Choukri, appeared at the door and quickly introduced herself.   Anneka seemed to like her, so the position filled very quickly.

Emilie and J were soon progressing in their careers which meant they were never around to play with Anneka as she was already sleeping buy the time they got home.   The morning routine of tiding, preparing lunches etc meant that Anneka was becoming close friends with Fatima as she was the only person giving her all the attention.

fatima and anneka

Fatima realised that this could start being a problem, so she arranged a meeting with both Emilie and J to highlight that Anneka needs to know/see the fun side of them both before she starts growing up hating them.   Emilie took a few days off and asked Fatima to come back in a couple of days as she wanted to spend time with Anneka and hopefully create a different fun relationship with her.   A month later J decided the same.

flash cards with anneka

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